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SafeHello’s features integrate with our clients’ technology to build greater trust, safety and privacy for their users with every interaction -  moving the sharing economy towards a future that is collectively, progressively safer.





safer together

Safety in numbers.
From businesses to employers, from rideshare to home care, we are one solution that everyone can use together. Where every SafeHello builds more confidence, and helps build a safer world for everyone. 


Make safer rides a reality

Business Management

Build safer, more confident connections

Online Marketplace

Help your customers meet, buy and sell with confidence

A new, safer standard for authentication, trust and safety

With features customized for your users and workflow.

Verify identity in real-time

A unique color is assigned to users’ devices to verify that the right two people are coming together in real-time
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Users create and share a sketch in real-time, to securely verify each others’  identities on-site
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Authenticate your user base

Automated authentication of each users’ ID and photo to confidently verify new user sign ups
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Safely store user information

Securely store users' information for ease of access and greater safety in future interactions
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Securely track location

Users allow a trusted third party to view their meeting location in real-time
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Safety in numbers