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HERide. Safety first.

SafeHello is working in partnership with HERide — a new ridesharing service focused on the safety and empowerment of women — to set a new safety standard within the rideshare industry, and to improve the lives of women through safe transportation, job creation and financial security.
Research findings
Sharing economy user quantitative study Feb/Mar 2023
Riders and drivers both wanted to be safer. SafeHello begins each partnership by conducting deep qualitative and quantitative research to examine the unique needs and opportunities for users in each of our industry verticals. For rideshare services, we learned that a majority of women would use a female rideshare service if available, and that both drivers and riders would choose a service with greater safety features over another – and use them more frequently.



of riders would choose a service with more safety features over another



of drivers said they’d drive more if safety wasn’t a concern



of female riders said they felt safe


Identity verification ranked as users’ most important feature.

With identity verification proving to be the most important safety feature to users, HERide decided to make SafeHello a mandatory part of their rider and driver verification process. Within a few weeks, HERide was integrated with SafeHello’s SafeShare SDK, verifying users’ identity with a real-time selfie provided via rider and driver apps on iOS and Android.

Using SafeSignUp

Prior to booking, HERide riders are required to verify their identity by uploading a selfie via SafeHello’s SafeShare

Rider selfies are shared with a watermark for security, and automatically deleted after each use.

HERide is also using SafeHello’s SafeSignal, leveraging its fast and effective color-coded identity verification for pickup in crowded areas like the Atlanta airport and Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Drivers have access to view each rider’s selfie as well as initiate SafeSignal to quickly and easily verify identity at pickup

SafeSignal assigns a unique color to both the driver and rider’s device to verify that the right two people are coming together in real-time

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The HERide team and SafeHello went from concept to production in just six weeks.
DeVynne Starks
Co-Founder & Director of Marketing and Communications
"The collaboration between our teams have allowed us to combine our strengths and expertise, resulting in improved safety measures, enhanced customer experiences, and innovative solutions. Together, we have leveraged our shared missions and values to create a safer and more secure transportation experience for HERide passengers."
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