SafeHello’s products seamlessly integrate with the technologies our clients and their customers use every day — to build a future that is collectively, progressively safer.


A unique color is assigned to users’ devices to verify that the right two people are coming together in real-time

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Users create and share a sketch in real-time, to securely verify each others’  identities on-site

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Automated authentication of each users’ ID and photo to confidently verify new user sign ups

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Users are able to share information securely, for example, a selfie or location,  with the person they are supposed to meet.

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Users allow a trusted third party to view their real time location during a in-person interaction.

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Safer every time.

See how SafeHello's features build greater safety with each and every use.
SafeHello’s proprietary SafetyNet algorithm analyzes unique points of data in real-time — from location, device ID, shared signatures and facial recognition — to assess each users’ level of trust and safety based on interactions across SafeHello. The result?
Cumulative confidence

Cumulative confidence
Each and every SafeHello builds collective intelligence that is always growing — leading to ever-greater confidence in users’ identity, and in the safety of every interaction.

Proactive protection

SafeHello addresses safety before it’s a concern, sharing only the information necessary to make each interaction safer, and proactively building new levels of safety for future interactions.

Our patents
SafeHello's growing patent family leverages device, location, secure data sharing, facial recognition and data validation to proactively build new levels of safety for people and businesses.

SafeHello's product and service innovations are protected by their associated US patents. This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287.

The following list should not be considered exhaustive, and SafeHello reserves the right to update this list at any time:

US Patent Nos. 9,867,021. 10,448,223. 10,743,150. 11,076,271. [Additional patents pending]

Software Development Kit

Easily integrate SafeHello with your application and/or platform, and pick and choose the features to build your ideal end user experience.

Our SDK includes service side APIs and client libraries for web, and both iOS and Android devices, with components available in most package managers for iOS, Android and NodeJS.

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Safety in numbers