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Build safer, more confident connections

From daycares and preschools, to home healthcare and non-emergency transport — users want better ways to know they can trust their service providers.
Research findings
Sharing economy user quantitative study Feb/Mar 2023



of home owners said they would actively chose a home services provider with more safety features over another.




Overall, service users report willingness to pay more for additional safety features, with many saying they’d be willing to pay significantly more.

Build safer, more confident connections with your users

A simple plug-in to your existing workflow, SafeHello helps your employees and users confidently verify each others’ identity when they meet in person—building trust between organizations, and the people they support.
Automated authentication of each users’ ID and photo to confidently verify new user sign ups
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See how it works
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User-friendly tools for real-time verification of each device to its user — so each party can be sure they’re meeting up with the right person
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Users safely and securely share and track meetup location with other users or a trusted third party 
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The sharing economy lacks a cohesive approach to safety.
Research shows users are ready for a change...
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